The true test of maturity is having a favorite grocery store — or at least that’s what the internet says. In a long-term partner, it’s important, therefore, to find that special someone who shares that same affinity for Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or even King Soopers.

If ALDI brought you and your boo closer together, the grocery store chain wants to share in your big day plans. Oh, and they’ll foot the bill and provide the location, too.

The popular chain is offering two fans an all-expenses-paid wedding at an ALDI store, complete with a few extra details that incorporate unique aspects of the grocery store.

During the “Happier Ever ALDI” contest, the budget-friendly company is asking superfans to “walk down our aisle.” For this one lucky pairing, the ALDI Insights model store in Batavia, Ill. will transform into a dream wedding venue.

In addition to the ceremony, ALDI will also sponsor a cocktail reception, custom vows, and photoshoot. Signature snacks from the chain, such as mini Red Bag Chicken sliders, will be served alongside a Baker’s Corner wedding cake. An ALDI employee will also officiate the wedding in front of 50 members of the couple’s friends and family.

Free groceries for a year, in the form of a $5,000 gift card, will also accompany the nuptial celebration.

Contest entries include a 500-word essay on their love story, photo submission, and an online form. Those submissions will be judged based on uniqueness and creativity, as well as love for the ALDI chain, of course.

As most weddings in 2022 can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, receiving a little help from this beloved grocery store wouldn’t be so bad.