Perhaps one of the most glorious (and messiest) moments in recent television history was CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast from last year. You know the one: Hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen got completely sauced on tequila and giggled the night away.

After last year’s festivities got a bit out of hand — Cohen declared “Sayonara, sucker” to NYC mayor Bill de Blasio after one too many tequila shots — the television network is changing its policy ahead of the upcoming broadcast.

While ringing in 2023, on-air personalities will be barred from drinking, according to a Nov. 16 article by Variety. A recent town hall discussion led by company CEO and chairman Chris Licht alluded that the boozy fun at the start of 2022 threatened the “respectability” and credibility of the network.

One caveat: Cooper and Cohen will be permitted to drink, while the rest of the staff is asked to refrain from imbibing.

The duo shared quite a few laughs in the last broadcast, garnering lots of chatter on Twitter for their increasingly silly segments. Cooper has anchored the live Times Square broadcasts since 2002 (albeit, mostly sober).

In a Nov. 16 video on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Twitter account, Cohen promised that he and Cooper would “party harder than [they’d] ever partied before” during this year’s New Year’s Eve broadcast:

There’s no doubt about that. In recent years, Cohen has been seen encouraging Cooper to slurp down shots during the festivities.

Another notable (and remarkably fun) figure on CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve broadcast is Don Lemon, who began hosting the network’s morning show this year. While broadcasting into the early hours, he’s previously pierced his ear on live television, among other zany actions, to continue “engaging the audience,” according to Variety.

For those looking forward to Lemon’s tipsy antics and conversations with comedians, it’s unknown if he will appear in the upcoming broadcast after his change in roles at CNN. Our fingers are crossed.