Woman wins budweiser, won't drink it
Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

It all started with an online contest to have free beer delivered to your door by the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Then it ended with a Texas woman who couldn’t drink said beer because she gave it up for Lent.

Leandra Ruiz entered a Budweiser contest online in February. A lot can change in three weeks, though. On March 1, Ruiz gave up beer for Lent, meaning she won’t have another sip until April 13.

Can you blame her for entering a contest when she was just going to give up the very thing she could possibly to win anyway? Those contests are so easy to fill out, and no one really thinks they’re going to win. Besides, she did it for the kids.

“I’m excited, but I’m not shocked that I won,” Ruiz told the Morning Valley Star. “We have a lot of small kids on this street and I thought it would be neat if we had won it.”

In addition to her vintage-looking wooden crate of Budweiser, Ruiz got to ride around her neighborhood in a Clydesdale-pulled carriage like some sort of macro brew queen. Unfortunately, the Clydesdale-loving puppy didn’t attend. Still, even though Ruiz doesn’t get to drink any of that hand-delivered beer for a couple more weeks, she at least got something out of the win. Besides, she still has 70 days left to drink the case of beer within the 110-day freshness window once Lent is over (if the beer was at peak freshness when it was delivered, that is).

Anyway, back to filling out those online contests to win one of those all-expenses-paid trips to Napa.