Rolf's German Restaurant
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There’s celebrating Christmas, then there’s celebrating Christmas. Rolf’s German Restaurant in New York City does the latter. Case in point: Every year, Rolf’s puts up $60,000 worth of lights and ornaments.

To be specific, that includes around 100,000 lights, 15,000 ornaments, 800 dolls, and thousands of icicles, according to Business Insider. And Suhul Uddin, the restaurant manager, says it’s only getting crazier as more and more stuff accumulates over time. To put some of these numbers into perspective, this one restaurant has 2,500 more ornaments than there are traffic signals in all of New York City, and as many dolls as there are people in Vatican City.

Rolf’s is legitimately more festive than Mariah Carey. It takes a crew of men working overnight for six weeks to get it all finished by November 1. All of their work doesn’t go to waste when the holiday season ends, though. The restaurant keeps everything up until April, which makes sense when you take into account how long it takes you to take down that one string of lights hanging on your wall.

When it comes to New York City Christmas bars, Rolf’s is hardly alone. Christmas-themed pop-up bars are a full blown trend in the city, and the annual Miracle bar has even inspired a chain of pop ups around the world.

So what can you expect to see? Well, you’ve got your angels:

Your icicles:

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Your round ornaments:

Your decorated round ornaments:

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And much, much more.