UPDATE: Following Wednesday’s tragic shooting at the Molson Coors brewing plant in Milwaukee, Miller Lite announced on Twitter that they were cancelling the leap year promotion. Our original article follows below. 

While financial analysts can’t agree if a leap year is good or bad for the economy, nobody can deny that free beer is a winning proposition.

To celebrate the upcoming calendarial quirk, Miller Lite is offering a free 24-pack of beer to anyone (over 21) in the country, which works out to one free beer for every extra hour.

In order to take advantage of the promo, beer lovers just need to scan a QR code on Miller Lite’s Instagram or Facebook pages, which will take them to a website where they can submit a valid receipt for a 24-pack of Miller Lite purchased on this year’s leap day. Miller will then refund the cost of the beer via PayPal deposit.

Sure, it’s not quite as easy as walking into a store, picking up a case of Miller Lite, and giving the cashier a high five on your way out (although they sure would appreciate it). But considering there’s a free case of beer in it for anyone willing to jump through a few hoops, this is a low-effort, high-reward scenario.

So grab some free beer, celebrate your Saturday leap day, and try to ignore the fact that we’ll all have an extra weekday foisted upon us ten months down the line.