While the World Cup has caused beer shortages in Russia and the U.K., prompting the latter to implement beer rationing due to limited supply, Danish brewer Carlsberg has a different solution: beer caviar.

Carlsberg, which is the official sponsor of the Danish national team, worked with CP+B Copenhagen and Danish chef Umut Sakarya to create Carlsberg Caviar, an artificial caviar made of beer. The goal? To bring some beer-soaked flavor to Russia’s World Cup party.

“We thought it would be fun to create caviar made from beer to give soccer fans a taste of Russia,” Sakarya told Adweek.

But this is not only a celebration in molecular gastronomy and sport-fueled friendliness: It’s a way to slow down spectators’ beer drinking, a Carlsberg spokesperson said.

“By combining drinking with eating, you drink less and slower. We hope our beer caviar will help us spread this important message,” Wouter de Groot, a brand and PR lead at Carlsberg Group, said.

Message received: We need to bring beer caviar to our next beer-b-cue.