Captain Morgan has become one of the most iconic rum brands in America thanks to both the product and the Captain himself. Most of us are familiar with the captain’s power stance, in which he confidently plants his left leg atop a barrel of rum, proclaiming victory and celebrated his delicious liquid. It’s a pose that’s almost become as well-known as the liquid inside the bottle, so it only seems fitting that for the holiday season, Captain Morgan has created a riff on the famous “Christmas Story” leg lamp with their own “Leg Up Lamp” with the Captain’s familiar pose holding the light.

Just imagine Captain Morgan, but instead of his normal pirate torso, there’s a lampshade. The bottom half of the lamp features the captain’s life size legs, and weighs in at 40 pounds. While frightening to some, Captain Morgan enthusiasts are sure to get a kick out of it. “Captain Morgan brings the fun to everything he does, and this holiday season is no exception,” Vice President of Captain Morgan Linda Bethea told Food & Wine.

The “Leg Up Lamp” is definitely something different, if not just plain creepy. However, even the most fervent of Captain Morgan enthusiasts are unlikely to have a piece like this. “Standing at 4 ½ feet tall, this lamp’s left leg proudly sports the iconic Captain Morgan pose. I guarantee those ‘hard to shop for’ and ‘literally have everything’ friends don’t own anything like this,” Bethea said.

According to the press release, Captain Morgan is only selling 5 lamps, and they will cost $499 each. The lamps will go on sale December 13th and will be available here until they are gone.