At the Washington Capitals’ season opener Wednesday night, Caps fans had the chance to enjoy one of the newly-installed “Pour Your Own Beer” stations — only, things didn’t go according to plan.

As part of Capital One Arena’s $40 million renovation, the stadium debuted self-serve draft beer stations, which allow patrons to pay $15 for a cup, scan a barcode, and pour their own beer. Caps fans were left bitterly disappointed when nothing but foam emerged, the Washington Post reports.

Nobody appreciates flat beer, and a good head is essential to enjoying any refreshing brew. But one-quarter beer to three-quarters head is no one’s idea of a perfect pour.

Thankfully, customer service reps for the company that makes the machines were on hand to quickly resolve the situation.

“We had to change a few beers last minute,” a Draft Serv spokesperson said, speaking to the Post. “A few beers were shaken up. We’re basically having a beer management issue. But what I expect [Thursday] is that everything will pour a lot better.”

As for the Caps, the team proved their heads were in the right place, starting the season with a resounding 7-0 victory.