Dude Sweet Chocolates Booze Spiked Chocolate Sauces

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area you might be familiar with Dude, Sweet Chocolate, a unique, artisan chocolate making operation. Here’s how the delicious company describes itself:

At Dude, Sweet Chocolate we concoct, manufacture, distribute, and retail dark chocolate inspired creations as our core business. Our product line is very fluid and seasonal, but usually contains fudges, truffles, toffees, nuts, artisan chocolates, and basically anything else our chef decides to improve by introducing it to cacao.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate traces its roots to a dive bar just south of downtown Dallas, Lee Harvey’s, where co-founders Chef Katherine Clapner and Redding May (CFO) were regulars. Heading towards the holidays in 2008, he partnered with her to send unique artisan chocolates as client gifts while working with Merrill Lynch. After that, she ran with the idea – pushing her chocolate creations in summer heat at farmers markets and the like.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate was born over booze, so it’s no surprise the seriously talented chef decided to release two alcohol-spiked chocolate sauces (called Potions).

Chocolate & Tequila

One Night Stand Chocolate Potion

One Night Stand Potion is made with 100 Anos Reposado tequila, agave syrup, cane sugar, and South American dark chocolate sauce

Chocolate & Bourbon

Break Up Potion

Break-Up Potion is made with Breckenridge Bourbon, agave syrup, Valrohna cocoa, and South American dark chocolate sauce

You can order both at Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s website right now. We suggest you do.