Consumer preferences have certainly favored the rise of organic options not only in food, but also in wine. Now, famous friends Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power are launching their own organic wine label called “Avaline.”

Announced in a press release this morning, Diaz (actress and author) and Power (entrepreneur and author) are joining forces to provide what they describe as a vegan-friendly, clean, and organic wine brand, with both rosé and white offerings.

Hailing from France, the Avaline Rosé is described as crisp and clean with melon and zest flavors. The Avaline White, made from Spanish grapes, is mineral-driven and dry.

Credit: Avaline

Explaining the desire to create “clean” wine, Power says, “We learned most wine is not made with organic grapes and that it can be manipulated with over 70 additives. This completely changed the way we thought about it.” She continues: “One of our main goals is to increase the prevalence of clean wine in the market, making it available where our consumer is already shopping.”

Avaline grapes are grown in certified-organic vineyards, without chemical pesticides, according to the press release. “We soon learned it wasn’t what you added, it’s what you didn’t add,” says Diaz.

Starting Thursday, Avaline can be purchased at for $20 a bottle. The label also intends to sell the wine on its own site DrinkAvaline.