Bushmills is welcoming a new pair of expressions to its product portfolio.

The brand recently launched two new ultra-premium Irish whiskeys, according to a March 8 emailed press release. Bushmills 25 Year Old and 30 Year Old are now available — both with quite the steep price tag.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey claims to be the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world. It annually releases highly-matured spirits — including a range of very rare, ultra-premium whiskeys such as these.

“When we started planning these two new whiskeys over 30 years ago, we traveled all over Europe to hand-select each cask. We collaborated with winemakers to specify the fortified wine recipe used to season them to create the flavors of our future Bushmills whiskey,” the release states.

The 25 Year Old expression is matured in bourbon barrels and sherry butts for 6 years and finished in ruby port casks for 21 years. It has Bushmills’ standard floral qualities, with flavors of fruit and slight spice. The 30 Year Old bottling, with aromas of cherry and dried fruit, was distilled in 1992. It’s the oldest from the brand (to date) and was finished in former Pedro Ximénez casks.

Both expressions are 46 percent ABV, available in 700-milliliter bottles, and offered in limited quantities in the United States. The 25 Year Old whiskey has a suggested price of $900 while the 30 Year Old spirit retails for $2,200.

“We’re proud of that mastery and expertise that ensures every cask is at its freshest and most flavourful to mature our Bushmills whiskey. It means our 25 Year Old bursts with intense hedgerow dark fruit and a luxurious honey sweetness and it ensures our 30 Year Old boasts an exquisite and enticing raisin, fig and praline richness,” master distiller Colum Egan states in the release. “Even though it takes a lifetime of skill to make something great, it takes an obsession to make something legendary.”

These whiskeys’ availability will expand to more markets in the next few months.