Apparently, themed-pop-ups and beachfront bars aren’t enough anymore. Starting on July 20, Busch will host a pop-up inside a U.S. National Forest.

Want to attend? There’s just one problem. Busch isn’t revealing the National Forest in which the pop-up will be located, as the hunt for the secret bar is part of the experience. But fear not, the company will start dropping hints about its location on its Twitter feed on July 16.

If you manage to locate the bar, there’s a lot of swag in it for you. Other than beer, obviously, there will be a host of raffle prizes including free Busch for life, national park passes, and a cabin vacation for four.

The pop-up is taking place thanks to a partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Along with a goal to conserve 200 million acres of forest, the company promises to plant 100 trees in a national forest for every visitor that finds the secret shop.

The pop-up will take place on July 20th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. So gather your compass and GPS, and strap on your hiking boots! You could be responsible for the planting of 100 trees.