With bar reopenings around the country still largely restricted, most of us are doing happy hours at home on Zoom or without our friends. Now, thanks to Busch Dog Brew, you and your four-legged bestie can pop open a cold one together.

On Wednesday, Busch announced its new brew for pups via Twitter. And no, there’s no alcohol in the “beer” (alcohol and hops are both toxic to dogs). But it is filled with lots of other dog-friendly nutrients: water, celery, corn, mint, turmeric, basil, ginger, and bone-in pork butt.

Credit: Busch
Credit: Busch

According to Busch, Dog Brew is “[m]ade with vegetables, herbs, spices, water, and pork broth to provide your best buddy with a nutritious and tasty snack that helps to promote a healthy digestive system.”

Simply pour the brew into a bowl (either warm or cold) and get to sipping with your best bud. You won’t find the $9.99 four-pack in stores, it is only sold online. At the time of publishing, Dog Brew appears to be temporarily sold out. But a message on the online stores assures dog owners Busch is “working as fast as [it] can to brew more for your pups.”

Thankfully, Dog Brew isn’t the first beer for pooches. Here’s a list of VinePair’s favorite brews.