Some people hate snow — but it’s hard to complain when a blizzard equals discounted beer.

This year, Busch is offering a discount on five of its most popular beers, including Busch and Busch Lite, depending on snowfall around the country. In 31 states, for every inch of snow that falls consumers can earn $1 off their favorite Busch products.

From Jan. 4 to March 28, the discount will increase, as it’s tied to the total amount of snow that falls during the season. Consumers can track how much snow has already been recorded in their state at Busch’s Snowday site, and stock up after a blizzard hits.

To cash in on the offer, shoppers simply need to purchase Busch products, photograph their receipt, and upload it with their zip code to the Busch site.

This is the second year the beer giant has offered this promotion, although only seven states were eligible in its last run. Curious shoppers can check whether their state is eligible at the Snowday site, and monitor the discount in real time.

With plenty of newcomers on the list it’s unclear how big a discount states like Texas, Louisiana, and Florida will see — but it’s sure to be a great few months in Alaska.