During the first round of March Madness, there will be 32 games in 48 hours. If you’re trying to figure out how long you’ll need to spend at your local sports bar to catch as many games as possible, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering another option: live at the bar.

Already a surprising bastion of craft beer, Buffalo Wild Wings, or “B-Dubs,” appears to be taking a cue from BrewDog by converting its entire Lincoln Park, Chicago location into an exclusive bed and breakfast.

Basketball enthusiasts are invited to post a video to social media explaining why they’re “the ultimate March Madness fan,” accompanying it with the hashtag #bnbdubscontest. Four lucky winners will then be selected to stay at the franchise’s “basketball bungalow” (dubbed BnB-Dubs) overnight on March 19, just in time for the start of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Courtesy bnbdubs.com

In addition to a private “state-of-the-art sports lounge,” the four winners will have access to exclusive in-room amenities including “Bauhaus-inspired bunk beds” and ceiling-mounted televisions to catch a few games before they catch a few winks. (BnB-Dubs has “more TVs than working bathrooms,” according to its website.)

BnB-Dubs will also feature on-call waitstaff, and the winners will have access to “mini-fridges fully stocked with whatever snacks [they] bring from home.” There’s no word on whether the bungalow will have a self-serve beer wall, though.

While the BnB-Dubs doesn’t look much more comfortable than a college dorm, it surely beats living in a tent outside the arena for a few days.