Buffalo Trace’s newest expansion offers an exciting addition for visitors — and will significantly increase the production of some of the company’s most popular bottles.

Kentucky-based distillery Buffalo Trace recently completed its new stillhouse as part of a $1.2 billion expansion project, according to a press release. A new still and stillhouse are set to double the production of expressions such as Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Weller, Blanton’s, E.H. Taylor Jr., and others.

This could be seen as good news to whiskey collectors, as the labels under Sazerac’s Buffalo Trace umbrella are notoriously scarce on the collector market. The new 40-foot-tall still will produce some 60,000 gallons of whiskey a day. It’s a duplicate of Buffalo Trace’s existing equipment.

Credit: Buffalo Trace

“We are so excited to welcome new and repeat guests to come see our new stillhouse and experience our new tour offerings,” general manager Tyler Adams states in the release. “Plus, we’re really looking forward to having more bourbon for our thirsty fans in a few years, now that we’re doubling production.”

A new tour of the Buffalo Trace grounds offers visitors the chance to see the new stillhouse in person. The improved Hard Hat Tour, a recent expansion to the brand’s tourism arm, offers new visitor sights and structures on its property. Due to ongoing construction, the tour hasn’t been offered since 2019. The classic Trace Tour has also expanded to offer guests a new insight into production and bourbon technology, per the brand.

“We are really looking forward to starting up our new still so we can make more bourbon whiskey for our fans,” master distiller Harlen Wheatley states in the release. “The new stillhouse is adjacent to the existing stillhouse. We put a lot of work into matching our existing still to ensure the whiskey we produce remains consistent. We will be in full production with both stills in the coming days.”

As Buffalo Trace recorded a whopping 470,507 visitors to its Kentucky distillery in 2022, it’s safe to say this expansion will be an exciting development for enthusiasts.

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