There’s long been a rivalry between New York City and Boston. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or hockey, there’s always some competition between the two cities. However, in the spirit of craft beer, Brooklyn Brewery is teaming up with Boston restaurants and breweries to take the iconic New York brewery to Beantown in the form of a literal Beer Mansion.

“Throw open the doors on tidal waves of sound, beer, hard-fought dynasties, beer, temples of Norm, plenty of food, sheer loyalty, and even more beer to back up the beer,” the event page reads. They had us at “beer.”

It’s not Brooklyn Brewery’s first Beer Mansion. Brooklyn has featured the party in other cities like London, Paris, Philadelphia, and Chicago. For Boston’s event, Brooklyn Brewery is joined by Allagash Brewing Company, Harpoon, Ipswich Ale Brewery, Mayflower Brewing Company, and Wash Ashore Beer Company. The breweries will join at the Boston Center for the Arts October 27 and 28 to create rooms of “beer-fueled exploration.”

The rooms in the Beer Mansion will be themed relative to the style of beer. Pick what style of beer you’re into and what flavors you’re in the mood for, and there’s a room for you. For example, “The Forest” room will feature “hoppy and outdoorsy” beers such as browns, IPAs and ambers. The “Tart of the Tropics” room will offer weisses, sours, and crisp pilsners while “The Darkness” room will be characterized by porters and stouts. If you get tired of exploring different styles,“The Anatomy of a Beer” room will serve as “a pause at the intersection of art and science,” according to the event’s website.

The extravaganza will also offer a variety of games and live music, featuring artists such as Spirit Ghost, Black Beach, Lady Pills, and Today Junior. Early bird tickets start at $45 until September 18th. Regular admission tickets will go for $50 up to October 23rd, and tardy bird tickets will run for $65 until October 28th.

h/t: Eater