The United Kingdom and the European Union have a lot to sort out following Brexit. Like a divorce, there are assets that must be divvied up, including an expansive wine collection. The EU reportedly has a cellar featuring over 42,000 bottles of wine as well as a collection of more than $17 million worth of artwork. The U.K. insists it is entitled to 5,000 bottles of wine, 250 bottles of spirits, and $2.6 million worth of artwork, according to a report by The Telegraph.

Member of Parliament Sir Edward Leigh argues that the U.K. is entitled to its fair share of assets following the country’s exit from the E.U., including wine and art. He implored Brexit minister Robin Walker to address the issue. “After we leave the party, will the minister promise to take back control of our fair share of this art and wine and not leave it to Mr. Junker to enjoy?”

Leigh is referring to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a somewhat facetious manner, reflecting the controversial nature of the negotiations. Walker concurs with Leigh, and thinks wine and artwork should be addressed while negotiating the allotment of other assets. “[Sir Edward Leigh] raises a very interesting question – the legal basis of those assets and liabilities has been analysed in detail and accounted for in the overall statement.”

Negotiations are expected to drag on, and the U.K. is scheduled to leave the EU by March 2019. At least the wine will have a little extra time to age.