Brewery Offers Free Cases of Beer for Adopted Dogs
Photo via Mad Scientist / Facebook

Give a dog a home, get a free personalized case of beer as a housewarming gift. That’s the simple, almost too good to be true proposition a brewery in Budapest, Hungary, is offering people who take in a dog from one local animal sanctuary.

Tamas Szilagyi, the man behind Mad Scientist Brewery, came up with the concept to help raise awareness for stray dog adoption from the Noe Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been rescuing animals since 1992, and currently has some 1,000 different animals. Noe houses deer, cattle, foxes, and other animals as well as dogs, but Szilagyi decided to focus on the latter.

“We wanted to draw people’s attention that sanctuary dogs are not worse (than other dogs), they are not a waste you throw out,” Szilagyi told the Associated Press.

Noe Animal Sanctuary picked out seven dogs up for adoption. Each dog was paired with a beer from Mad Scientist Brewery based on its appearance and personality. A fluffy white dog was paired with a a German Hefeweizen called Monkey Temple, a Rottweiler with a porter called CCP-550, a large mutt with an IPA called Wild Card, a hound with an amber ale called Puppet Master, a lab mix with an American Pale Ale called Jam 52.

Some of the pairings made sense in a way, while others were a little more whimsical. An English Bulldog, guided by the with the pairing words “Ugly and Famous,” was matched with an IPA called Smooth Hoperator.

We’re not suggesting that anyone would need free beer to take in these dogs, but it sure sweetens the deal and relieves some of the tension that can come up during those early months of training. See the puppies for yourself in the video below (it’s in Hungarian, but did you really come for anything more than the pictures?).