Meet the Next “Jack Daniel"

Love Jack Daniel’s? How about Breaking Bad? Pretty soon, you’ll be able to enjoy that evening whiskey on the rocks while watching your favorite Meth Cooker Jesse Pinkman a.k.a. actor Aaron Paul as Jack Daniels in a new program about the man behind the namesake spirit.

As Indie Wire reports, “Blood and Whiskey: The Life and Times of Jack Daniel” will feature the story of young, runaway Jack Daniel and his path from creating moonshine whiskey to becoming the beloved, famed distiller. The story starts after the death of his father during the Civil War, continuing up through his gold medal winning at the 1904 World Fair.

As if the story weren’t compelling enough, some big, “bad” faces are behind the project. Aaron Paul is one of the executive producers of the program, alongside Zack Beckman, Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Andrew Coville.

Considering Jack Daniel’s is the top selling American whiskey worldwide, we foresee a decent following for the forthcoming program.