Jim Beam is one of the most popular bourbons in the country and one of the best selling in the world. So when the distillery makes the news, it’s usually because of its whiskey. However, spokeswoman Mila Kunis got herself (and Jim Beam) into the political fray after she revealed she’d been sending donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.

While appearing as a guest on “Conan,” Kunis explained to host Conan O’Brien the practical joke was a way for her to express her disagreement with the vice president’s stance toward Planned Parenthood, contraception, and abortion. While Jim Beam hasn’t officially expressed any position on Planned Parenthood, Kunis’ advocacy for the reproductive healthcare provider led to what might be called a modicum of outrage on Twitter.


The aggrieved have started a #BoycottBeam campaign on Twitter, but an effective boycott seems dubious and pointless. Nevertheless, the tweets are pretty entertaining. NoMoreLiberals tweeted “After drinking Jim Beam for 30 years Im done. Your spokeswoman Kunis donates to Planned Parenthood in Prnce’s (sic) name. #BoycottBeam,” and Pickles n Cheese declared in a tweet “I will not drink another drop of Jim Beam! #BoycottBeam.”

As you can tell by the Twitter handles and the comments themselves, the #BoycottBeam initiative is unlikely to garner widespread support. Expect the bourbon to keep flowing from the distillery.