Kentucky-based Peerless Distilling Company just released a new bourbon. This may not sound particularly newsworthy, until you discover it’s the first bourbon the distillery has released in over a century.

Yes, it’s been 102 years since Peerless’ last bourbon was bottled, and it didn’t take long for this new batch to sell out. Released on June 22, 2019, the liquor sold out the very same day. Peerless is planning another release of 500 more bottles soon, Food & Wine reports.

Founded in the late 19th century, the brand was originally called the Worsham Distilling Company. In 1889, Worsham made its first bourbon, and continued to do so for around three decades, until prohibition halted large-scale production.

Nowadays, Peerless is run by the great-grandson of original owner Henry Kraver. After deciding to revive the family business, Corky Craver and his son Carson built a new distillery and put their first batch into barrels in 2015.

“We knew that we could produce a better spirit than we could purchase,” head distiller Caleb Kilburn told MyRecipes. “We wanted to have the pride of crafting our own products from grain to bottle,” he said.

When crafting Peerless’ Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon, Kilburn took a few non-traditional steps along the way, including barreling the bourbon at a lower proof than is standard, and bottling without diluting. Kilburn also opted for a sweet mash over a sour one. Judging by the brand’s speedy sales, it looks like they’re doing something right.