It seems like every store selling father’s day gifts is telling you to avoid the cliché socks and ties. And while that’s definitely something you should do, you also have to make sure the gift is something that your dad actually likes. Like these Bourbon Bears from Sugarfina.

Sugarfina, a company that makes tequila, whiskey, Champagne, and other alcohol-flavored goodies, makes gummy bears made with single barrel bourbon. Sure, the gummies are non-alcoholic, but that’s what real bourbon is for. Bourbon Bears are just the right gift for a dad that loves the taste of Kentucky’s finest.

The online store has been selling the Bourbon Bears since February, but what better time than now to make a purchase?

If you’re dad isn’t much of a bourbon guy, perhaps snag one of Sugarfina’s Champagne, Bellini, Cuba Libre, or beer flavored gummies.

Or just get him a fancy bottle from our list of the best single barrel sipping bourbons. He’ll be happy either way.

h/tFood & Wine: