For something called the Long Drink, this malt beverage had a relatively short lifespan.

Boston Beer Company will say goodbye to its innovative Bevy Long Drink, a fermented malt beverage modeled after Finland’s beloved national drink. This week, the company announced the retirement of the canned beverage that was launched less than a year ago.

In an email, senior communications manager Brittany Zahoruiko tells VinePair that Boston Beer Company “believe[s] that Bevy is a great-tasting product that is just a bit ahead of its time,” and it will “look to reintroduce it to select markets in 2023.”

So, this truly isn’t a goodbye — it’s more like a “see you later.”

The Long Drink mimics the traditional Nordic cocktail that combines gin, grapefruit soda, and tonic, according to the company’s website. As a FMB, the line features flavors of juniper and citrus and is available in three flavors — Hard Citrus Refresher, Hard Berry Refresher, and Hard Lemon-Lime Refresher. It’s 5.8 percent ABV and was originally introduced in November 2022.

In March, the company launched a $10 million ad campaign, including a pool party commercial, to bolster Long Drink sales, according to Brewbound. The company states that it should have started offering the Long Drink on a smaller scale, rather than launching such a boundary-pushing product nationally.

The Boston Beer Company oversees production over other high-visibility products such as Truly seltzers, Angry Orchard ciders, and Twisted Tea. After dropping the Long Drink, the company tells Brewbound that they will focus more attention on those already-established brands.

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