From fancy cars, to luxury watches, to fine wine and cocktails (and how to prepare them), James Bond has been touting his lavish lifestyle on screen for a time long predating Instagram and influencers.

When it comes to drinking, the international spy famously enjoys a Martini — “shaken, not stirred.” During next year’s 25th installment of the franchise, however, Bond will instead be seen drinking cold beer and luxury Champagne.

As reported by the Mirror, Heineken is among a number of luxury brands paying £75 million (around $96.7 million) to have their products featured in the still-untitled movie. Other brands include Aston Martin and Omega watches.

In 2012, Heineken paid £28 million (around $36 million) to feature in Skyfall, a figure which reportedly covered a third of the movie’s budget.

That’s one expensive bottle of beer.

* Editor’s note: This article has been updated May 3, 2019.