In 2015, a trademark application for “bootleg whiskey” was filed under the name of one Mr. Bob Dylan. What was once a mysterious possibility has now become a reality: Bob Dylan has his own whiskey brand. It’s called Heaven’s Door Spirits, and it has Dylan on board as a full partner in the business, the New York Times reports.

Heaven’s Door has taken a more high-end slant than Dylan’s original “bootleg” dreams, with three small-batch skews launching in May: Tennessee Bourbon, a straight bourbon whiskey; Double Barrel Whiskey; and Straight Rye Whiskey, finished in Vosges oak barrels. The whiskeys are artfully adorned in bottles featuring illustrations inspired by Dylan’s ironwork sculptures.

Heaven’s Door Spirits will also issue an annual, limited edition Bootleg Series to scratch Dylan’s original itch. The first in the series will be released next year; a 25-year-old whiskey sold in ceramic bottles decorated with Dylan’s paintings. The Bootleg stuff will set imbibers back around $300, while the standard Heaven’s Door lineup will retail in the $50 to $80 range, the Times reports.