As if there wasn’t enough variety among red and white wine, the Spanish company Gik is now selling blue wine in the U.S. The product has been available in Europe since last year (which made the internet collectively freak out), but regulatory issues in Spain suspended its American debut, according to Eater. But those roadblocks are now out of the way.

“Luckily, in the U.S., legislation embraces new and innovative products and is not as restrictive and anchored in the past as in Spain,” co-founder Aritz López told Eater. “So we are confident [we can expand] quite fast.”

The wine will be available in Miami, Boston, and Texas.

The idea of blue wine is outrageous, and one wonders how it is even possible to make. The wine is a mix of must and grape juice from vineyards in Rioja, Zaragoza, León, and Castilla-La Mancha. Then indigo dye and anthocyanin, a pigment found on grape skin, is added to turn the liquid blue. Talk about a blend.

Blue prosecco of Fratelli Saraceni wines is already available in the United States, and Gik’s blue wine is just the latest in brightly colored vino to join the party. The blue prosecco had similar regulatory problems in Italy because of its low alcohol content. The solid blue color is appealing and fun to some, while purists object to what they think is an abomination. Call me old fashioned, but I think I’ll stick with a traditional Rioja or Ribera del Duero.