December means holiday parties. For those of us driving there, a design studio in Pittsburgh has come up with a genius idea that’ll keep your wine cool as you’re dashing through the snow, using the winter air.

According to Food and Wine, Pittsburgh innovation studio Deeplocal’s Blitzen Roof Hootch allows you to carry a bottle of wine on top of your car and keep it cool using the air that flows by it as you drive. The device uses a strap and heavy-duty magnets in order to keep your precious wine safe and snug on your journey.

The company’s website says the invention was “born out of necessity.”

“The liquor store only had warm Prosecco when a Deeplocal engineer went to pick up a bottle. With a short drive home and no time for conventional refrigerator chilling, he engineered a solution to make the cold weather work for him,” Deeplocal’s site states. It also shows pictures where the device straps beer growlers and other bottles into place.

However, if you were planning on picking up Blitzen this year, you’ll be disappointed – the company’s site prompts users to enter their email address and they’ll be alerted when Blitzen is available for sale. We’re really hoping Santa has this under the tree for us next year.