Put on your biggest shades and don your best bathrobe, because a Big-Lebowski-themed pop up is coming to Chicago.

The Rookery, located in the city’s Ukrainian Village, is celebrating “Dudism” with “The Dude’s Abode” pop up, officially opening this Friday, Dec 21. It will continue every Wednesday through Saturday until mid-February, according to a press release.

The pop up will feature everything fans of the movie might expect: A Credence-heavy soundtrack, and free-flowing White Russians, with three variations of the Dude’s favorite drink crafted by beverage director Alex Brick.

Other Lebowski-inspired cocktails include the “Bunny’s Toe,” a mix of peach brandy, Champagne, and Peychaud’s Bitters, with a gummy toe garnish. Or, you might prefer to sample the “Nobody F*cks With The Jesus,” which mixes aguardiente, blanc vermouth, Creme de Violette, and amaro.

“I am a huge Coen brothers fan, and this is a fan tribute to one of my favorite films,” The Rookery’s owner and partner Chris Montgomery said in an email press release.

To cover its assets, The Rookery wrote on its Facebook page, “Neither this party, nor any view or opinion expressed in it, nor the context in which the party takes place is approved or endorsed by, or is in any way associated with, The Big Lebowski, The Coen Bros, or anyone else connected with the making of The Big Lebowski.”