Big Beertha
Photo via Kickstarter

Attention golfers, bros, and people who enjoy the idea of being a golfer: The Big Beertha needs to be your next purchase. The self proclaimed “Gentleman’s Beer Bong” turns any golf course into a party and makes everyone shotgunning on the green look like college amateurs.

The Big Beertha is the “first ever beer bong in the shape of a full size golf driver,” according to the Kickstarter for the product. It holds a full 12-ounce beer starting with the head of the club, while the shaft serves as the perfect conduit for slamming down every drop. Best of all, it’s “virtually indistinguishable from your actual driver” and it fits in your golf bag.

Big Beertha launched on Kickstarter on Feb. 28 with a minimum goal of $15,000. As of March 10, 675 backers have pledged $42,905. Clearly the boys behind Big Beertha have touched a nerve.

Maybe it’s because of the videos from when they tested the product out.

“We recently did some EXTENSIVE testing of our prototype on a party bus en route to the Luke Bryan concert,” the Kickstarter states. “Our findings were pretty simple: The Big Beertha works awesomely, and you don’t need to be on a golf course to use it. In fact, we’re not sure if there is a better party favor out there.”

Big Beertha/ Luke Party Bus from connor on Vimeo.

The Kickstarter ends on March 30, and estimated delivery is by July. Time to tee up.