With consumers factoring convenience into their alcohol purchasing, the canned cocktail industry is thriving.

Nielsen reports a 40-percent sales increase in the category in 2018, while the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis shows the mixed drinks sector, which includes pre-mixed cocktails, long drinks, and flavored alcoholic beverages, increased five percent globally in 2018. With their ease and ability to travel, it’s clear there’s a market for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

Here’s a list of the five best-selling brands capitalizing on that demand, according to data collected by the Spirits Business.

5. Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktail  – Cases sold in 2018: 1.2 million (up 10%)
4. Cachaça 51 Ice  – Cases sold in 2018: 1.4 million (up 10%)
3. Campari Soda  – Cases sold in 2018: 1.5 million (down 3.3%)
2. Jack Daniel’s & Cola  – Cases sold in 2018: 5.2 million (up 4.6%)
1. New Mix  – Cases sold in 2018: 6.9 million (up 7.5%)