Best Long-Term Investment? Your Bottle of Wine

Move over, classic cars. When it comes to investing, it turns out that putting your money where your mouth is is actually true. As CNBC reports, as of 2016, wine was the most collected asset, surpassing classic cars for the first time in five years, according to a publication released by The Wealth Report.

The study revealed that wine investment increased 24 percent last year, while classic cars only increased by 9 percent. Collection of coins and jewelry weren’t far behind, though art fans took quite a hit– said category experienced a 14 percent plummet. Apparently people aren’t afraid to spend a pretty penny on their beloved vino; according to CNBC, a case of 1988 wine from DRC, the world’s most expensive producer, sold for nearly $160K at auction last year, breaking down to roughly $13K per bottle.

A brand new car or a case of the most prized wine in the world? You decide.