There’s a new fire truck for those in a thirsty crisis. But this red vehicle won’t be putting out any fires.

Instead, it serves beer. Kevin Mullan of Toledo, KA transformed the truck into a mobile bar of sorts when he couldn’t find anything else like it.

“There was not a rentable [beer] truck in town,” Kevin Mullan told the Toledo Blade, “but there is now. Oh, and by the way, it happens to be a fire truck.”

Mullan converted the water tank into a cooler that holds 10 kegs, added cabinets and equipment, and designed a logo for the side of the truck — Ladder 419.

When he came up with the idea to serve beer from a fire truck, Mullan scoured the internet to find the perfect vehicle. After missing a few opportunities on online auctions, he found Ladder 419 on Facebook Marketplace in March. The truck was previously used by a farmer to water his crops in Michigan, but the farmer put it up for sale when he realized the vehicle was too heavy.

For a $450 fee, Mullan rents the truck out for private parties, and supports local craft brewers by giving them a space to serve their beer at public events. Sounds like a bargain to us.