Long before the days of modern refrigeration and Samsung smart fridges, underground caverns helped beer drinkers and brewers to keep their beers chilled.

One of these historic locations was discovered recently in Winterset, Iowa. The cave was uncovered when workers drilled for an electric line on the property of a farm supply store, according to Des Moines-local KCCI news network.

Crews stumbled upon an arched stone ceiling that didn’t seem to be part of the natural landscape after drills met resistance underground. The cave, which is estimated to be around 12 feet by 20 feet, is assumed to be connected to nearby Morris Schroeder’s Brewery from the late 1800s.

The historic brewery, which is still preserved today, is recorded in business directory documents as existing as early as the 1860s. The brewery’s founding date is unknown, however, so it’s difficult to place the exact age of the cavern.

While KCCI reports that some members of the Winterset community were aware of the cavern’s location, this is the first time the beer storage location has been uncovered.

Electric superintendent Chuck Johnson told KCCI that the cavern’s perfectly-preserved archway is “like brand new.”

The underground cavern is currently filled with water, but local historians have plans to further explore the location and mark it as a notable site. Members of the Madison County Historical Society have plans to conduct digital scans of the cave and place a plaque at the site, as well as possibly conduct tours.