Beer Braids
Photos Courtesy of Glamzilla Hair and Beauty

The phrase “daddy daughter hair factory” doesn’t seem like anything anyone would (legally) want to be associated with. But folks are actually paying for it, and with good reason. The phrase is actually a business, started by a Floridian dad named Philippe Morgese who decided he no longer wanted his daughter leaving the house looking like a runway model zombie. He learned to do his daughter’s hair, and he decided to teach other dudes.

The whole “teach a man to fish” (but with braids) thing not only took off in Florida, it made it all the way to Melbourne. Recognizing that dad’s of the southern hemisphere were equally at a loss when it came to young lady hairstyling, Glamzilla hairdresser Cat Allan followed in Morgese’s footsteps with a “Beers and Braids” program. Aussie dads come in with Aussie daughters, have a beer, and learn the art of coiffure.

Sure, the idea of combining booze and hair styling isn’t necessarily the greatest (since we tend to make drastic hair decisions when inebriated, e.g. “I think I’d look SO good with a classic Boy George ‘do….). But Allan’s sessions are only an hour, involve just a bit of beer, and comfortably acquaint terrified fathers with the accoutrements of lady hair styling. The hair menu, a phrase we hope we’ll never have to use again, involves a lesson on painless hair brushing (which some women still need to learn), detangling, tying ponytails, and styling both fishtails and flower braids. What’s a flower braid? Good question, we didn’t know either. Here is one, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

So far no major injuries or hairstyle disasters have been reported, despite the union of beer and scissors. And Glamzilla even provides “special bubbly” for the girls, which we assume is non-alcoholic. Then again, Australia.