Adorable news crawled in from Canada this week: At Beertown, a bar and restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario, bar staff faced a sweet little scare on Sunday when a beaver tried to sneak into the bar. It took seven people, including two police officers, to capture the thirsty beast and return it to safety, CBC news reports.

A staff member at Beertown stepped out for air and saw a “strange animal” approaching, the report says. Thinking it was a skunk, he went inside to get help. When he returned with backup, the beast had gotten closer.

“[He was walking] through the parking lot, in between the vehicles,” Mathew O’Hara, Beertown beverage manager, said. “By the time we got out the back door again, the beaver was right up … maybe 10 to 15 feet from our back door.”

One wouldn’t exactly call this beaver busy, though. “It was fairly docile actually,” O’Hara said. “It was kind of just sitting there, looking around.”

The beast’s size is what was threatening: about two basketballs wide, with paws “probably the size of my palm,” said O’Hara, who added he has “medium-sized hands.” The beaver also “had big, big webbed feet and the big flappy tail, too.”

A big, big threat, indeed.  The beaver, nicknamed “Paul,” was bounced out of the bar and brought back to Waterloo Park.

O’Hara concluded, “When you get a beaver at a bar, that’s something special.” We couldn’t agree more.