A California bear with impeccable taste was recently caught on camera stealing Pinot Noir grapes from a Mendocino County vineyard.

Located in the Anderson Valley, CA, Navarro Vineyards & Winery filmed the hungry bear using CCTV cameras installed in one of its vineyards.

According to a Facebook post accompanying the video, the red grapes were plucked from the winery’s high-elevation Upper Marking Corral vineyard.

“We’ll be ready to harvest these grapes in the next few weeks, so hopefully this big guy leaves some for us,” the post read.

Dubbed “Navarro’s Silly ol’ Bear,” this isn’t the first instance of the vineyard receiving late-night callers. The winery posted a similar video in August, showing a host of nighttime visitors including foxes, rodents, and another (or possibly the same?) bear.

At this rate, there’ll be bearly anything left to make wine with.