Two prestigious brands are coming together for one sophisticated collaboration.

Basil Hayden announced its partnership with Michelin Guide U.S. on Monday. The collaboration aims to bring new experiences to fans of both the American whiskey and the famed restaurant guide, according to a press release by Basil Hayden.

“Consumers seek out Michelin and Basil Hayden for similar reasons: They want an elevated experience,” said Cara Cornelius, vice president of food and travel experiences for Michelin Americas, in the joint press release. “We know, however, people sometimes assume these experiences are out of reach, kept behind an expensive bill or impossible reservations. Our goal for this new partnership is to bring Michelin-level events to the consumer and show how sophistication and quality can be enjoyed by all.”

Basil Hayden and Michelin Guide are launching a “tasting garden” tour this summer, visiting food festivals at six major cities in the U.S. It kicks off in mid-June in Chicago during the Taste of Randolph festival, and ends in San Diego on Nov. 11. Basil Hayden will also make stops in Denver, Louisville, Atlanta, and New York.

The brand also stands as an official partner of the upcoming 2023 Michelin Guide Ceremonies, where representatives will present the Exceptional Cocktails Award.

“Both the Michelin Guide and Basil Hayden celebrate excellence in our craft and create unique experiences for consumers, making this the perfect partnership,” Jonathan Marks, senior marketing director for Global Small Batch Bourbon at Beam Suntory, says in the release. “At Basil Hayden, we aim to unlock experiences to make them accessible and approachable — just like our whiskey.”

Basil Hayden was initially launched in 1992 by whiskey legend Booker Noe.