The Baltimore Orioles have found a new way to stay hydrated and celebrate home runs: a water-filled beer bong.

Two pitchers from the Maryland-based team recently created a so-called “Homer Hose” to gulp down water after scoring a run, according to the MLB. Cole Irvin and Keegan Akin created the contraption on Monday, taping together an orange funnel and blue hose to construct a makeshift beer bong. The pair also wrapped the hose in black tape and orange to match the Orioles’ team colors.

First baseman Ryan Mountcastle was the first to test the “Homer Hose” during a game on Monday against the Oakland Athletics, according to Insider. After scoring a home run at the end of the first inning, players in the dugout offered him the water hose.

“I love it. We’re just huge proponents of staying hydrated,” catcher Adley Rutschman says. Whatever you say, Adley.

While the team insists on the cheeky “Homer Hose” name, broadcasters and fans have dubbed it with their own names. Television broadcaster Ben McDonald referred to it as a “hydration station,” while radio personality Melanie Newman called the practice “slug it and chug it.” (A less flattering moniker, “dong bong,” has also circulated social media.)

While the MLB now prohibits the consumption of alcohol during its league games — by players, at least — gulping down brewskis have long been a dugout tradition. “Rally beers” are rumored to be shared in the clubhouse or dugout during the final innings of the game, allegedly sometimes concealed in Gatorade cups or other containers.