A full grown hippopotamus may be a vicious, man killing monster, but baby hippos are undeniably adorable. Case in point: Fiona, the baby hippo that was recently prematurely born at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Fiona has become a local celebrity with a running blog about how the zoo vet staff saved her life. She’s become so much of a celebrity that Cincinnati’s Listermann Brewing Company is honoring the lovable baby calf with a special brew called Team Fiona New England-style IPA.

The beer was brewed with help from the team that ensured Fiona’s survival, and 25 percent of the sales will be donated to the zoo’s care team, according to the Associated Press. Fiona was born six weeks early and weigh a disconcerting 29 pounds — less than half of the average birth weight. She’s now well over 250 pounds.

Team Fiona is a big beer for a big animal. It tastes like what you’d expect from a New England-style IPA: unfiltered, hazy juicy, and filling.

Grab a Team Fiona, spend the rest of the day on the Cincinnati Zoo blog, and drink in the wonder of modern science.