Avengers fans with adventurous palates will be thrilled to know the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer that dropped on Tuesday features craft beer — and a very specific beer at that.

Georgia craft beer fans spotted that in the special look trailer, Thor sits stoically in the Avengers compound with a beer in hand (or at least, near hand). A closer look reveals that it’s not just any beer — or even Big Beer — it’s Athena, a Berliner-style Weisse from Athens, Georgia-based Creature Comforts, CraftBeer.com reports.

According to CraftBeer.com editor in chief and “self-proclaimed Marvel fangirl” Jess Baker, the beer choice is no accident: For one, Georgia has become a Hollywood hub in recent years, with several Marvel films shooting in the state. Additionally, Avengers directors Anthony and Joseph Russo (AKA the Russo Brothers) “are big fans of craft beer and specifically big fans of Creature Comforts,” Baker writes. She also points out that at Disney’s D23 fan fest in 2017, Joe Russo sported a shirt promoting Creature Comforts Tropicalia — which happens to be one of VinePair’s best beers of 2018.

Creature Comforts told CraftBeer.com that Marvel actually approached the brewery about using Athena in the film. (Obviously, they said “absolutely.”)

Thor, galactic hero and god of thunder, sipping a beer named for the goddess of wisdom and warfare, is certainly, and deliciously, appropriate.