You can soon enjoy a popular non-alcoholic beer at 35,000 feet.

Athletic Brewing is partnering with JetBlue to offer its core Upside Dawn Golden beer to passengers, according to a May 1 emailed press release. The craft brewery claims to be the first to offer non-alcoholic beer to guests on a major U.S. airline.

“We’re excited to take flight with JetBlue and allow flyers to relax at 35,000 feet with a great-tasting alternative to full-strength brews,” Athletic Brewing co-founder Bill Shufelt says in the release. “This is a huge milestone for Athletic and a key partnership for us in the travel industry.”

This particular offering is a light-bodied and crisp beer with slight floral and earthy qualities, per the brand’s tasting notes. It’s created from Vienna malt along with English and American hops to produce a “bright” taste. Athletic Brewing notes that this particular beer has won over a dozen awards globally.

Athletic Brewing launched in 2018 and employs an innovative brewing process to keep alcohol content low, per the release. Rather than removing alcohol from full-strength brews, the brand instead ferments its beers to be lower than 0.5 percent ABV (the national maximum for non-alcoholic beers). VinePair recognized the brand with a Next Wave Award in 2022.

Upside Dawn Golden will be available on JetBlue flights in May.