Low-to-no alcohol beverages are becoming increasingly prevalent, from restaurants adding mocktail lists to their existing cocktail programs, to breweries releasing enticing non-alcoholic versions of their signature beers. Some companies, like Athletic Brewing, have refrained from making alcoholic drinks altogether, opting instead to keep all of their beverages at less than 0.5 percent ABV. Now, the alcohol-alternative can be found at over 1,000 Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the United States.

Named as one of the top “100 Most Influential Companies of 2022” by TIME Magazine, Athletic Brewing was the 27th largest craft brewery in the United States last year. By brewing non-alcoholic beers in a variety of styles rather than opting for a standard lager, the company is able to bend the guidelines of brewing traditional beer. The ethos behind Athletic brewing is simple — the absence of alcohol should not necessitate an absence of flavor.

Crafted using local flavors, organic malts, and seasonal ingredients, Athletic Brewing’s beers have been awarded several gold medals and have received over 5,000 five-star reviews. Their two most popular beers, Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn, a golden ale, will be available in cans at the restaurant.

Bill Shufelt, Athletic Brewing Company’s co-Founder, offered his insight on the collaboration by noting that great food, great beer, and great sports make any occasion better, going on to add that “it’s great to see Buffalo Wild Wings make Athletic beers available nationwide to support consumer demand.”

Jason Murphy, director of beverage strategy and innovation at Buffalo Wild Wings, observed the trend in customers towards non-alcoholic options, and wanted to bring them quality alcohol alternatives. “[Patrons] are looking for a beer that lets them socialize, share a meal, and enjoy the game with family and friends without alcohol. We know that having Athletic on the menu at B-Dubs will really enhance the experience for some of our fans.”