Drop the oysters, chocolate, and red wine, because there’s a new aphrodisiac in town: Watercress Warrior Pilsner from the English Cerne Abbas Brewery.

The watercress warrior isn’t shy about it’s intention. On the front label of the boner beer, there’s a drawing of a fully erect man holding a club and some hops. The brewery’s tagline, “The modest brewery with GIANT integrity” (their emphasis) is printed right blow the drawing. As for the taste? “very fruity with a peppery kick,” James Harper, the manager at The Watercress Company, told the local newspaper Dorset Echo.

It’s not just the brewers who believe in the power of watercress. On the Greek island of Crete, watercress has been used to increase sex drive for generations. The philosopher Francis Bacon stood by the fact that watercress can “restore a youthful bloom to women.”

The label was inspired by a local fertility legend as well. A 180-foot tall chalk drawing called the Cerne Giant sits on a hillside near the brewery. Just like the drawing on the label, the Cerne Giant is a man with a club and an erection. The hillside drawing doesn’t include the hops, however.

“Cerne Abbas is one of the first places watercress was grown and also the location of a brilliant brewery, which we were very keen to work with,” Harper told Dorset Echo. “There is also, of course, the famous giant, who is supposedly an ancient symbol of fertility. We thought he was the perfect face of our brew.”

The perfect “face,” indeed.

h/t: Munchies