In early January, shortly before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the hotel bearing his name in Washington D.C. made headlines for serving the most expensive cocktail in the city. The hotel has since gone on to star in many more headlines and make much, much more money than expected.

Now a new hotel called the Eaton Workshop wants to capitalize on the people who are against Trump and will do anything to not support him, and it’s pulling in some of the top bartenders in the country to create a liberal-leaning environment from the drinks up.

It all starts at the minibar, according to Bloomberg. Founder Katherine Lo told Bloomberg that the minibar will have things like “an activist toolkit, for example, that includes sheets with information to help you call your congresspeople.”

Derek Brown, Imbibe magazine’s Bartender of the Year, will work as the beverage director. He was chosen in part for his bartending chops, and in part because he “cares deeply about social justice” and fights sexual harassment in the bartending industry.

The rest of the hotel will be equally as left leaning. Eaton Workshop will be built entirely around liberal activism with free public lectures, art programs, and space for progressive startups.

It speaks to the milieu of America that a hotel with a bar catering to the one percent can thrive and inspire a hotel catering to the ultra liberal. No longer content with being focused on one view of content online and on TV, people can now live the political reality they choose to see, be that liberal or conservative.

It’s expected to open in 2018 just north of the National Mall with locations in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Seattle opening at a future date.