Hard cider maker Angry Orchard and the boozy ice cream company Tipsy Scoop have teamed up to create the seasonal blend of your dreams — a spiced cider ice cream.

Called Angry Orchard Unfiltered, the seasonal release blends a delightful mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped up caramel apples with Angry Orchard’s unfiltered hard cider.

Ensuring the ice cream won’t be cloyingly sweet, the unfiltered cider is crafted using bittersweet apples, resulting in a brew that is more subdued than the brand’s classic line-up.

Angry Orchard Unfiltered contains 5-percent ABV and is only available at select New York City stores. The good news is that it can be enjoyed nationwide by ordering it online from Goldbelly.

For a full-on festive experience, and to celebrate the winter solstice, be sure to stop by one of Tipsy Scoop’s Manhattan or Brooklyn locations on December 21 to score a free scoop.