Move over Willy Wonka: Angry Orchard is giving away $500 in Bitcoin to lucky drinkers this March.

Seventeen of the Boston-Beer-owned brand’s Green Apple flavored multipacks will contain “golden tickets” that can be redeemed on CashApp. The “Green Seventeen” packs can be scored for $39.95 each on Give Them Beer, and are being sold until St Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17). At the time of writing, the $500 value of each golden ticket equates to around 0.0089 Bitcoin.

The odds of winning aren’t necessarily slim; with 250 Green Seventeen packs being produced, mathematical minds will note that 7 percent of the multipacks contain crypto-gold — that is, of course, unless Angry Orchard decides to make more of their green goodness. (A disclaimer notes that there may be more multipacks produced, depending on the popularity of the beverages.)

It appears the luck of the Irish does not extend to the entirety of the continental U.S. Drinkers in California, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia are not eligible to receive the prize. Additionally, due to alcohol shipping laws, the hard ciders can’t be shipped to Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Hawaii, Mississippi, or Utah.

If you’re in any of those states and want to participate (or if you just don’t have a hankering for hard apple cider) you can enter the sweepstakes by mailing a 3×5-inch card with your full name, address, email address, and phone number to Boston Beer’s corporate headquarters.

The competition closes on Mar. 17, and winners will be announced on Mar. 31. Let’s hope there’s Bitcoin at the end of the rainbow for us this year.