The evidence that drinking a beer a day might offer health benefits appears to be growing.

In what seems to be a very unique, though enviable, diet, Detroit Pistons all-star Andre Drummond claims consuming one beer a day actually led to weight loss, The Wall Street Journal reports. And based on his basketball stats, the beer may have also had positive effects on his performance.

Standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, Drummond is among the tallest players in the NBA. Approaching the 2019–20 season, he knew he needed to lose weight, so his personal chef suggested cutting out meat. When he implemented the diet plan, Drummond realized he needed to add something with more sustenance after intense workouts, at which point his chef came back to him with another suggestion: beer.

Heading the advice, Drummond began drinking one cold beer every day with lunch during the summer months. Not being much of a beer drinker, it was a period of adjustment. “I’ve never drunk this much beer in my life,” Drummond told The Wall Street Journal. “This is not something I suggest to everyone,” he added, “[but] for my mass, it’s what works best.”

On the court, Drummond’s game is thriving this season, averaging 17.1 points and rebounds per game. (Those type of numbers haven’t been seen since Moses Malone in the 1970’s.)

While there have been attempts to measure the performance recovery efforts of beer, there is yet to be a scientific consensus, making it hard to say if the beer actually played a part.

Either way, a beer a day is getting our vote.