Ancient Egyptians had a hangover cureDealing with a hangover is one of the most unpleasant things an innocent drinker can experience, so it’s no wonder we’ve been trying to discover a hangover cure for centuries. In fact, researchers have recently found that the Ancient Egyptians were hard at work trying to find a solution to the inevitable pain that follows a night of heavy drinking.

The procedure was called the “drunken headache cure,” and it was plucked out of 500,000 texts discovered amidst archaeological investigations of Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, in 1915. The papyrus texts, which are kept in University of Oxford’s Sackler Library, are a challenge to translate since many of them are damaged. Luckily, a recent transcription revealed a new hangover trick for us to try. So what does the “drunken headache cure” involve?

Well, those afflicted with the plague of too much liquor are supposed to “string together” leaves from the Alexandrian chamaedaphne shrub. Apparently, the plan was thought to have medicinal purposes. Then, the foliage jeweler is (possibly?) supposed to wear the leaf necklace.

While we’re not sure we’ll be trying the drunken headache cure anytime soon, there are plenty of similar homeopathic cures around. For instance, there are abundant testimonies that swear by the benefits of plant oils to ease migraines. However, we might just stick with aspirin and a cup of coffee.

H/t Gizmodo