Finally the world is about to have a wine comedy with the potential of actually being funny – of course there’s Sideways, but the pretension Miles showed throughout the movie became unbearable, and we don’t think Bottle Shock intended itself to be laughed at. Amy Poehler has announced that she will make her directorial debut and star in Wine Country, a film she is creating for Netflix.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news, the script was written by Poehler’s longtime friend and collaborator Emily Spivey, who worked with her on Parks & Rec and SNL as well as Liz Cackowski who is also from SNL. The movie will be filmed and set in Napa and based around a 50th birthday party trip that takes place over a long weekend amongst a group of longtime friends. Those friends will be played by a hilarious cast that includes Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Maya Rudolph and Emily Spivey.

The group announced the news via a hilarious video they released on Twitter:

Our hope is that this movie is an extended version of the hilarious Catalina Wine Mixer scene from Step Brothers. Wine isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and thankfully with this cast of hilarious women, we can be assured it won’t be. We can’t wait until it’s released.